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Vaginal Birth

“Every child begins the world again.”

Henry David Thoreau

When everything goes well, we leave the birth its natural course for vaginal birth. But it is important to remember that babies choose their own path to their families.

During vaginal birth, we wait patiently and respectfully for your baby to arrive without any intervention.

pre-labor contractions

Pre-labor Contractions

While the mother welcomes the contractions in her comfortable room, we wait for baby’s arrival by giving her the time she needs. Because our goal is to make this process as intervention-free as possible. In some cases, necessary medical treatments such as artificial labor pain, painkillers, and antibiotic treatment can be used. In addition, upon the request of the mother, we may use epidural anesthesia applied from the waist. It is possible to have a more comfortable normal delivery with this method, popularly known as princess delivery.

vaginal birth

Birth Without Incision (Episiotomy)

It is a common belief that vaginal incisions are necessary for moms’ first births. However, as we have experienced with tens of thousands of mothers over the years, episiotomy is not one of the requirements of childbirth. The risk of episiotomy is reduced by stretching the tissues with perineal massages that start before birth and continue during labor. In this way, we aim to provide you a comfortable postpartum period without incisions and stitches. This is one of the reasons why mothers prefer normal birth instead of cesarean section.

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Every birth is unique and has its own dynamics. We are aware of the value of this special moment. Therefore we are ready with our whole team for you to hold your baby in your arms in good health. Call us if you would like to follow your baby’s development with us.

skin-to-skin contact after normal delivery

Skin-to-skin Contact and Delayed Cord Clamping

The baby’s naked contact with the mother’s breast after birth, before the cord is cut, is very valuable in terms of secure attachment. Mother and baby spend skin-to-skin time together until the blood flow from the cord stops. The baby’s first controls can be done during this time, and the mother can even breastfeed her baby meanwhile. Late clamping, i.e. waiting for the blood flow from the cord to end, prevents future anemia in the baby.

doctor controls after vaginal birth

Doctor Visits and Check-ups After Vaginal Birth

If all goes well, the mother is discharged after the first twenty-four hours of hospital observation after natural childbirth. After a week, they are given a general check-up at the doctor’s office. Finally, on the fortieth postpartum day, we return to our routine gynecological follow-ups.