Barbie Estetiği

Barbie Vagina Aesthetics

Before Barbie Aesthetics became popular, the labiaplasty technique was developed as a surgical procedure for the asymmetrical vaginal lips (labia minora) in order to achieve the desired appearance. This method, first developed in Los Angeles, is one of the interventions used for women who need aesthetics in recent years.

We call all of the operations in which we not only ensure the symmetry of the lips, but also plump the labia majora, reshape the skin on the clitoris, correct the entrance of the vagina, that is, the perineum area, and lighten the color of the vulva if needed, Barbie Aesthetics.

In Which Situations Is Barbie Aesthetics Preferred?

Labiaplasty can be a preferred method alone or as part of the Barbie aesthetic. In which cases do we need labia major fillers?

Evolved Patient Expectations

We observe that the expectations of patients in labiaplasty operations, whose demand has increased in recent years, have started to change over time. A few years ago, as a result of labiaplasty applications, while the labia minora (small lips) were still visible from the outside when you stood up, over time, patients started to demand a Barbie look where the vulva completely covered the lips.

Labia Majora Filling

In Barbie vagina aesthetics, in addition to the lip reshaping, the area outside the vulva is enriched with filler so the inner lips (labia minora) can be completely covered. In this way, patients can achieve a smooth, desirable Barbie look. As we can benefit from fillers in the vulva area, it is also possible to perform tissue tightening and recovery with radiofrequency laser methods in patients who do not want fillers.

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Types of Fillers Used in Barbie Aesthetics

1. Radio Frequency Laser

It is a successful method preferred by our patients who do not want to use fillers and who want rejuvenation by preserving their natural tissue. Three to four laser sessions are applied at three-week intervals. Sessions last on average fifteen minutes. It is a painless, harmless vulva puffing technique. Here, with radiofrequency waves, the sagging vulva tissue gets a fuller and firmer appearance.

2. With Hyaluronic Acid

Although temporary fillers with hyaluronic acid vary according to the patient’s metabolic rate, they are ready-to-apply fillers that usually last for an average of two years. The permanence of regularly applied fillers helps to prolong the duration of genital aesthetic appearance. Temporary fillers with hyaluronic acid, which are the most preferred method of our patients in our clinic, offer a fast and practical solution.

3. Fat Grafting

The fat obtained from the patient by lyposuction method is injected into the area. Although it may seem like a natural method, our clinical experience shows that fat grafting usually creates loss of some fat after a short period of time and the aesthetic appearance does not last long. For this reason, fat injection is not preferred very often in our clinic; however, we can also apply this method according to the preferences of our patients.

Principles of Barbie Aesthetics

Required Conditions

All patients over 16 years of age can undergo Barbie Aesthetics. Virginity is not an obstacle to practice. In addition, the patient should not be in the menstrual period (not menstruating) during the Barbie aesthetic application. Barbie aesthetics cannot be performed on patients who are pregnant or at risk of pregnancy. For new mothers, the procedure can take place at least forty days after birth. Barbie aesthetics can also be performed on breastfeeding mothers.

Devices Used in Barbie Aesthetics


Labiaplasty procedures, which we usually perform under local anesthesia, take between 1.5 and 2 hours. In contrast, filling and laser procedures are completed in ten to fifteen minutes. Immediately after the application, the patient can return to her daily life and travel painlessly. It is an easy and comfortable method. Patients with Barbie vagina aesthetics are usually expected to our clinic for their control at the end of the first week and the first month after the application.

Things to Consider After Barbie Aesthetics

After Operation

If stitches are applied during the application, wet areas such as the pool, sea, and spa should not be used for forty days, sexual intercourse should not be experienced, and tight clothes, tights, or skinny jeans should not be worn. It is recommended to keep the area clean with comfortable breathable cotton underwear. No special dressing or stitches are required. Our patient can take a shower immediately after the application and return to work in two to three days. Patients who only undergo laser treatment can return to their sexual life within four to five days.