G Noktası Dolgusu ve Orgazm Aşısı

O-Shot and G-Shot

The G-spot is the name given to the area on the upper wall of the vagina adjacent to the clitoris, the existence of which is much discussed in scientific articles, no physically definite findings are found in anatomical studies; but it is thought to exist by many women.

Stimulation of this area during sexual intercourse increases the pleasure received and makes it easier to reach orgasm. For this reason, it is possible to revitalize this area and facilitate stimulation with various applications such as O-Shot or G-Shot Injection in our clinic.

Vaginal or Clitoral Orgasm?

In fact, all women have one orgasm and it is clitoral. Although the clitoris looks like a small area at the top of the labia minora, it actually consists of a tissue that can extend to the upper and side walls of the vagina. Orgasm during sexual intercourse occurs as a result of stimulation of the clitoral tissue. Because some women are more sensitive to the stimulation at the opening of the vagina, it is claimed that only the orgasm that develops with penetration is a vaginal orgasm, but in reality, there is only one type of orgasm and it occurs as a result of stimulation of the clitoris tissue.

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How to Facilitate Stimulation of the Clitoral Tissue?

In order to stimulate the clitoris adjacent to the vaginal wall more, we can perform various treatments two to three centimeters inside the vaginal opening to plump that area so that more stimulation can be sent to the clitoris during sexual intercourse.


The orgasm shot (O-Shot) allows the G-spot to be revitalized by applying PRP two to three centimeters inside the vaginal opening. PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) is obtained after the blood is taken from the patient’s arm and centrifuged in a special tube. The PRP obtained is injected into the vaginal wall, especially the G-spot area, with special needles. In this process, it is aimed to increase blood supply and tissue regeneration in the area where PRP is applied, thus increasing arousal during sexual intercourse. Since the O-shot is administered with very thin needles, no pain is felt.


G-Spot Injection is a type of filler that targets the G-spot and is specially created for two to three centimeters inside of the vaginal opening. This injection, which contains hyaluronic acid is a temporary filling and maintains its effect for an average of two to three years. It is similar to the filling used in areas such as the nose and cheeks on our face. It is aimed to increase nerve stimulation as a result of contact of the filled area with the clitoris during sexual intercourse. The G-shot is performed within five minutes after the area is numbed with local anesthesia. No pain is observed during or after the procedure.

Who Can Get an O-Shot or G-Shot?

Apart from the pregnancy period, every woman who is not in her menstrual period can have this operation performed in clinic conditions in as little as five minutes at any time. After the procedure, the patient should take a break from sexual intercourse for two to three days. Apart from this, the patient can quickly return to her normal life and does not need any extra care after the application.