Kızlık Zarı Onarımı Hymenoplasti

Hymenoplasty (Hymen Repair)

Hymenoplasty is the process of repairing the hymen tissue, popularly known as the hymen, usually as a result of the first intercourse and sometimes as a result of the disruption of its integrity by accidents and/or traumas. Every woman over 18 years of age can undergo the procedure with her own consent and girls under 18 years of age can undergo the procedure with parental consent in a clinical setting. We would like to underline that we are a team aware of the sensitivity of this operation. For this reason, we preserve the privacy of our patients who come with the need for hymen repair, and we take it as a policy not to share their information with any person or institution.

What are the Types of Hymenoplasty?

Hymenoplasty is carried out with two different methods as temporary and permanent. Temporary Hymen Repair is performed at most one week before the planned intercourse. In Permanent Hymen Repair, there is no time restriction except the necessity of forty days of recovery.

1. Temporary Hymenoplasty

Temporary hymen repair is actually defined as ‘temporary’ because sexual intercourse should take place up to a maximum of one week after the hymenoplasty. The closer the operation takes place to the planned intercourse date, the more successful it will be. Hymen repair can even be performed on the same day. Although its name creates a concern that absolute success cannot be achieved after the application, we would like to emphasize that we have not experienced any problems with our patients who have preferred temporary hymen repair in our clinic so far.

2. Permanent Hymenoplasty

This method, which aims to completely restore the tissues after an average healing period of forty days, has no time limit. Permanent repair is more often preferred, especially in younger patients or in patients whose hymen is broken as a result of an accident. There is no obligation to have sexual intercourse within a certain period of time after permanent hymen repair. On the contrary, in permanent hymen reconstruction, sexual intercourse is not recommended for the first forty days after the operation in order for the tissues to recover for at least forty days.

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Principles of Hymen Repair

Planting Methods

Although the most known method is the flap method, we prefer to determine the most appropriate method for the patient in our clinic. We usually apply microsurgery or flap method by using the laser . These are the methods where healing is most successful and are often not recognizable from the outside.

During Operation

Hymenoplasty is performed completely painlessly in our clinic with local anesthesia for an average of fifteen to twenty minutes. The patient should not be menstruating. The ideal timing for hymen repair is just the period after the end of menstruation. In patients with loose vagina, vaginal tightening can also be performed with the laser during the application, or perineoplasty can be planned in patients with problems in the vaginal opening.

Things to Consider After Barbie Aesthetics

After Hymenoplasty

After hymenoplasty, the patient can travel, take a bath and return to her daily routine. No pain or bleeding is expected. Temporary hymen repair does not require any medication or dressing. After permanent hymen reconstruction, antibiotics prescribed by the doctor should be taken for one week and the genital area should be cleaned with iodized water for two weeks. It is important to avoid movements such as heavy lifting, pushing, and straining for the first two weeks.