Genital Aesthetics

Genital aesthetics is a set of gynecological applications that alleviate women’s health, sexuality and self-confidence problems. Genital aesthetic operations, which are becoming more and more common among women and are no longer taboo, do not only focus on aesthetic concerns. These procedures also provide solutions to functional problems caused by congenital anatomical features, the aging process or traumatic events.

mona lisa touch lazer tedavisi

In addition to aesthetic applications such as vaginal tightening or rejuvenation, sagging in the genital area, genital whitening, post-pregnancy stretch mark treatment, it is preferred in the treatment of diseases such as chronic vaginitis, vaginal recurrent fungus, urinary incontinence, vaginal dryness, painful sexual intercourse, inability to orgasm, Lichen Sclerosus.

Barbie Estetiği

All of the operations in which we provide symmetry in the small lips we call labiaplasty, plump the large lips we call labia majora, reshape the skin on the clitoris, correct the entrance of the vagina, that is, the perineum area, and lighten the color of the vulva if needed, are called Barbie Aesthetics.

Vajina Daraltma

It is a functional and aesthetic treatment method that we use to make the vaginal tissue that has lost its tightness tight and elastic again. Vaginal tightening treatment can be performed with or without surgery. For patients who prefer non-surgical treatment, MonaLisa Touch laser treatment is applied in our clinic.

Labioplasti Küçük Dudak Estetiği

It is a method we use in patients who are uncomfortable with the appearance of small lips in the genital area, who experience pain due to the contact of the lips with the vaginal tract during intercourse, or who struggle with recurrent infections because it is difficult to keep the area dry and clean due to the size of the labia.

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Kızlık Zarı Onarımı Hymenoplasti

Hymenoplasty is the process of repairing the hymen tissue, popularly known as the hymen, usually as a result of the first intercourse and sometimes as a result of the disruption of its integrity by accidents and/or traumas. Both permanent and temporary repair methods are applied in our clinic.

Genital Beyazlatma Renk Açma

Genital area lightening application is handled within the scope of laser treatment in our clinic for those who prefer non-surgical aesthetic treatments. It is performed by utilizing the skin peeling feature of the carbon dioxide laser, which is among the methods offered by the MonaLisa Touch laser device.

G Noktası Dolgusu ve Orgazm Aşısı

Facilitating stimulation of the G-spot area during sexual intercourse increases pleasure and facilitates orgasm. For this reason, it is possible to revitalize this area and facilitate arousal with various applications such as Orgasm Vaccine or G-Spot Filling in our clinic.

vajinal kuruluk

Vaginal dryness, which is seen with decreased estrogen levels or menopause in advanced ages, causes sexual intercourse to be painful and difficult, and may feel sensitivity, pain and pressure in the vaginal area. For this reason, it is possible to treat vaginal dryness with PRP and laser treatments in our clinic.

Genital Aesthetic Applications

Contrary to popular belief, aesthetic applications to the genital area do not always take place in the operating room environment and under narcosis. With the advancement of technology, some applications can be completed with laser treatment in a very short time in a clinical setting. Again, ready-made hyaluronic acid fillers and some mesotherapy drugs are fast and practical methods used in the rejuvenation of the genital area are preferred in our clinic. There is no need for anesthesia in the aesthetic applications we perform in the clinical environment.