mona lisa touch lazer tedavisi

MonaLisa Touch (Laser Treatment)

MonaLisa Touch Laser Treatment offers non-surgical solutions for the treatment of genital diseases and also provides aesthetic therapy for our patients with genital aesthetic demands. We often use this method because our patients can return to their normal life quickly after the operation, which is intervened painlessly and painlessly with laser treatment.

MonaLisa Touch device is used in our clinic due to its superior technology and high satisfaction among laser devices. The carbon dioxide laser method is commonly known in MonaLisa Touch applications. In addition to this, we are one of the pioneering clinics in our country by including radiofrequency laser methods in our devices at the clinic.

In which cases can laser treatment be used?

Genital Cosmetic

Vaginal tightening, Vaginal rejuvenation, Vaginal prolapse, Genital whitening, Stretch mark treatment after pregnancy

Treatable Vaginal Symptoms

Chronic vaginitis, Chronic yeast infections, Urinary incontinence, Vaginal dryness, Painful intercourse (Dyspareunia), Anorgasmia, Lichen Sclerosus

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If you think you need genital aesthetic treatment for aesthetic or health reasons, contact us to determine the most suitable treatment method for you.

Required Conditions

The criteria for our patients who want MonaLisa Touch Laser treatment are not very strict. First, the patient must have had a smear test within the last year. We expect the result of the smear test to be negative. If the patient wishes, we can also take the smear sample in our clinic. In addition, the patient should not be in the menstrual period (not menstruating) during laser treatment. At the same time, patients at risk of pregnancy cannot benefit from the treatment. However, there is no harm in laser treatment for mothers who are breastfeeding. They can attend the sessions with peace of mind.

Devices Used in Barbie Aesthetics


Before starting MonaLisa Touch Laser Treatment, we determine the headings according to the type of application and the needs of the person. We create a special treatment protocol by adjusting the dose according to the patient. Sessions usually last between five to fifteen minutes , depending on the type of therapy. In addition, ice compress is applied in genital area bleaching operations. No anesthesia is required during the application as no pain or soreness will be felt during the session. There are no incisions or stitches during the treatment. In some patients, we may ask for repeat sessions between four and six weeks depending on the need.

After Session

In these applications, also known as lunch break aesthetics, patients quickly return to their daily life at the end of the session. We recommend that our patients avoid sexual intercourse for four to five days after treatment. We also recommend that they do not use wet areas such as pools, seas, spas. There is no harm for our patient to take a bath or shower during this period. Since no stitches or incisions are formed in the week following the end of the session, there is no need for dressing. For genital bleaching only, we recommend that patients apply cream treatment for a week and wear light-colored underwear.

Is MonaLisa Touch Laser Treatment Safe?

We hear and see their concerns in the questions we receive from patients who are considering treatment. Especially whether there is a risk of infertility (infertility) or cancer after the application is among the frequently asked questions. Laser treatment does not cause any serious complications, especially cancer and infertility. In a very small proportion of patients, a watery discharge may occur for a week after laser treatment inside the vagina. Again, irritation may rarely occur on sensitive skin after color lightening applications. However, no other side effects are observed.