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Water Birth

“Every child born and to be born is a sacred trust.”

Doğan Cüceloğlu

Water birth is meeting the labor contractions in a special tub of warm water. In this journey to birth, the mother can choose to stay in the water only during the prenatal moments when she feels contractions, or she can choose to deliver her baby in the water if everything goes well and she wants to do so. The main goal here is to benefit from both the muscle and mental relaxing properties of water and to spend the birth process peacefully.

Who Can Give Birth in Water?

who can give birth in water

All mothers whose health permits a vaginal birth can have a water birth if they wish. Water birth is not recommended for mothers whose labor is not suitable for vaginal delivery, for those with active genital infections, and for babies with meconium (pooped).

How does a water birth take place?

How water birth happens

We can perform a water birth in two different types of tubs. The first is a specially designed tub for water birth that acts like a jacuzzi. In these bathtubs, the water is constantly circulated, keeping the temperature and cleanliness of the water at the desired level. At the same time, these tubs are cleaned with disinfectants after each birth and made ready for the next birth. In addition, birth can also take place in inflatable tubs that we can use with special one-time covers. Here too, a special pump system ensures water circulation.

Advantages of Water Birth for Babies

advantages of water birth for the baby

At the moment of water birth, the baby actually transitions from the water-filled environment in the womb to a different environment that is also water-filled and warm. In this way, water birth provides a smoother transition for the baby, while minimizing birth trauma in the baby, both physically and mentally. Studies have shown that babies born in water have a calmer and more peaceful infancy.

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