Genital Beyazlatma Renk Açma

Genital Whitening

Genital whitening, in other words genital bleaching procedure is ideal for our patients who are unpleasant with the dark color of the genital area or who want to achieve a lighter appearance as in Barbie Vagina Aesthetics.

The operation is handled within the scope of laser treatment in our clinic for those who prefer non-surgical aesthetic treatments. It is performed by utilizing the skin-peeling feature of the carbon dioxide laser, which is among the methods offered by the MonaLisa Touch laser device.

Why Does Genital Area Darkening Occur?

Generally, situations with intense hormonal changes such as puberty and pregnancy, rapid weight gain/loss, insulin resistance, improper laser hair removal experiences, hot waxing or razor use, some cosmetic products applied to the genital area, using tight or nylon-containing underwear, and genetic factors cause darkening or discoloration in the genital area.

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Principles of Genital Whitening With Laser

Required Conditions

The genital whitening procedure can be applied to all our patients who are 16 years of age and over, who are unpleasant with the dark color of the genital area. Virginity is not an obstacle in genital bleaching treatments. In addition, during the MonaLisa Touch laser treatment, the patient is expected not to be in her menstrual period (not menstruating). Moreover, genital whitening cannot be performed on patients at risk of pregnancy or who are pregnant. There is no problem in performing it during breastfeeding. There should be no active infection or skin lesion in the genital area at the time of operation.

Devices Used in Barbie Aesthetics

How Is Genital Whitening Done

There is no preliminary preparation or anesthesia before the genital bleaching procedure. The patient is relieved only by applying cold with ice. The procedure takes an average of ten minutes. It is easily performed in our clinic environment. Some patients may feel tenderness, which usually does not last more than half an hour. After the treatment, the patient painlessly returns to her routine life as in many genital aesthetic operations. It may take two to six sessions at intervals of four to six weeks, depending on the patient’s need.

After Operation

On the day of the application, sensitivity may occur in the genital area. A cream to moisturize the area is prescribed to be used for an average of one week. You are expected to avoid hot showers for twenty-four hours after laser treatment. It is recommended to abstain from sex and usage of wet areas for four to five days. It is recommended to wear light-colored, cotton, and soft underwear during the recovery period after the procedure. In the first week after the procedure, there is usually a thin crusting and then a slight peeling. The new color appearance is achieved in the third week on average.