Labioplasti Küçük Dudak Estetiği


Labiaplasty is an operation that takes approximately two to three hours for our patients who are not happy with the asymmetry in the labia minora. Although labiaplasty is generally perceived as an aesthetic operation, it is actually a treatment method that also provides functionality and reduces physical discomfort in the genital area and vagina. It is often more appropriate to perform it together with clitoroplasty. It can also be considered as part of the Barbie vagina aesthetic or applied alone.

Patients who are uncomfortable with the appearance of their labia minora or who have genital physical discomfort can contact our clinic and return to their daily lives in a short time after this operation. This operation is performed in our clinic with the help of a radiofrequency laser.

In Which Situations Can Labiaplasty Be Performed?

Labiaplasty is a method that provides comfort and aesthetics for our patients who are uncomfortable with the external appearance of their genital area when wearing tight clothes or bikinis. Also, patients who prefer smaller labia minora, who experience pain during sexual intercourse, or struggle with recurrent infections because they have difficulty keeping the genital area dry and clean due to large labia minora can also benefit from this easy operation.

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Principles of Labiaplasty

Required Conditions

All patients over 16 years of age can undergo labiaplasty. Virginity is not an obstacle to this operation. During the aesthetic operation, our patient should not be menstruating (not in the menstrual period). As with all genital aesthetic operations, labiaplasty cannot be performed on patients who are pregnant or at risk of pregnancy. New mothers can undergo this operation at least forty days after birth. Labiaplasty can also be performed on breastfeeding mothers.

Devices Used in Barbie Aesthetics


Labiaplasty usually takes two to three hours under local anesthesia. During operation, we prefer to use the radiofrequency laser while removing tissue to minimize tissue damage. Before the operation, we determine the most appropriate technique for the patient among the most common ones which are trim, wedge, and de-epithelialization. We use dissolvable stitches to achieve an aesthetic appearance in labiaplasty applications. After the operation, patients are usually expected to visit our clinic for follow-up appointments on the first week and fortieth day after the operation.

After Operation

After the application, the patient can immediately return to her daily life, travel, and take a shower. In labia minora aesthetic operations, our patients are recommended to return to work after two or three days of rest. Since stitches are applied during the application, sexual intercourse is not recommended for forty days, wet areas such as pool, sea, and spa should not be used, and tight clothes or skinny jeans should not be preferred. We advised our patients to use cotton, breathable, comfortable underwear to keep the area clean and dry. Removal of stitches is required as we use absorbable sutures. Medicines prescribed by the doctor must be taken and the area should be kept clean with iodized water.