Functional Medicine Approach

Difference from Conventional Medicine

Personalized Sustainable Treatment

Individualized and holistic treatment approaches aim to provide patient-specific and comprehensive solutions to health problems. In personalized treatment, we create an individualized health plan, taking into account the genetic, hormonal and lifestyle differences of each individual. This helps us achieve more effective results by focusing on the patient’s unique needs and responses. Therefore, individualized and holistic treatment approaches contribute to improving patients’ quality of life as they make treatment more effective, sustainable and tailored to the individual. For example, during menopause, a treatment planned by taking into account the individual’s own dynamics is of great benefit for women to face this transition period in their lives and beyond with peace of mind.

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Functional Medicine in Women’s Health

It focuses holistically on the specific health problems faced by women at different stages of their lives and aims to understand women’s unique needs based on genetic, hormonal and lifestyle factors. Especially conditions that occur with hormonal changes – such as menopause – require a detailed examination from a functional medicine perspective.

Conditions such as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and endometriosis also require a focus on the underlying causes. Functional medicine allows the body to rebuild its balance through individualized strategies such as nutrition and lifestyle changes. In this way, it offers permanent improvement for patients with menstrual irregularities.

Nutrition, exercise, stress management and mental health are important components of women’s overall health. By bringing these elements together, the functional medicine approach proposes a holistic treatment that focuses on improving patients’ health not only by alleviating a specific symptom, but also by improving their basic health balance and quality of life.

A Healthy Life with Doctor-Patient Collaboration

Functional medicine encourages active patient participation in the treatment process, allowing them to make a conscious effort to feel better. At the same time, a preventive perspective is adopted. This approach also provides personalized measures to protect our patients from future health problems.

In summary, the functional medicine approach provides a solid foundation in women’s health, allowing individuals to engage in a comprehensive, personal and sustainable recovery process. In this way, it positively affects women’s lives and helps them to achieve a healthier and more balanced body.